Striking Movement – One that counts out the hours on each hour (i.e. strikes 8 times at 8 o’clock).

Chiming Movement – One that plays a portion of a tune at each quarter hour (i.e. Westminster chimes).

Triple Chimes – One that offers a selection of tunes that it will play (i.e. Westminster, Whittington, and St. Michael’s).

Mechanical Movement – One that you wind usually once a week.

Weight Driven Movement – Weights provide the force which drives the clock mechanism. The gravitational pull on the weights powers this mechanical movement.

Pendulum – Serves as the clock regulator by swinging freely under the influence of gravity.

Dial – The face on the clock where the hours are indicated.

Hands – Rotating indicators on the face of the clock which mark the hour, minutes, and seconds on the clock dial.

Case – That which contains the clock, the housing or containment for the works (movement).